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A hammer isn't something that is found in the middle. Please excuse us for holding contradictory views, alternately, on matters for which we can pick up any damn opinion on any damn website. To applaud the man who first reached the South Pole, we must accept either that his nationality did not have an equiavalent saying to that of all being fair in love and war, or that the saying itself was already obsolete at the time.

For those who do not understand the idiom, the meaning is that for all except love and war, honorability must hold sway. I do not have any evidence that this saying is not obsolete.

It is regrettable that the excuse for making a competition race of the South Pole was that of love. In retrospect, however, all accept that competition races between nations is an outlet for national feeling.

I must therefore make dog-steaks of my words. The English were at an advantage, financially, and they might therefore have made attempt after attempt.

The Sun now rose upon the right--out of the sea came he--still hid in mist--and on the left went down into the sea.

Until reached, endless stories could be made of what about the bottom would be found.

Until aimed for, it was a simple matter to sign up for a whaling ship as a way of driving off spleen and regulating the circulation.