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As some people insist that space travel beyond the Solar system is pie in the sky, we come to wonder why anyone bethought themselves to make novels and other works of fiction which projected a future where the impossible was made possible.

Science fiction must be contrasted with the practical goal of social welfare.

The cost of sending a rocket to the Moon would be sufficient to buy the secrecy of half the population of a city and to pay the other half to lie--that they themselves had made sure that no chance of trickery was allowed at the launch--and there would be sufficient funds left over to buy the lies and secrecy that would be required to corroborate the reappearance on earth of men as from heaven.

Motive is not always a concern to people who are bored enough to make up fictional stories but not diligent enough to make them worth anything.

On the other hand, social welfare insists that we look at what our child might become, which provides motive aplenty. It isn't acceptable to go on being a child, for instance (religious people insist that being child-like is only half the truth). Not believing impossible can become possible, we must look at the future of the world tumbling around this star.

Moving about is enjoyable, but if conditions must remain as they are for eternity, I must remain within less than half an acre for no less time.

Looking at a sphere in orbit around another one, we can't help seeing our feelings for other people as futility. Some might try to encourage the idea that without these feelings the smaller and lighter sphere would no longer be one, would no longer rotate, and would no longer orbit, but this only proves that they had a glimpse at futility.

In this condition we find that we are required to contemplate euthenasia, or, more correctly, assisted suicide. We don't want to spoil anyone's fantasies who think the world reached a perfect condition in which it can now orbit the sun forever, but this talk of assisted suicide is utter bullshit. It only amounts to talking around the withholding of the means by which a person may do away with themselves without making a mess.

Who is to blame for the regulation of drugs?