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So the beliefs we held made some people very very rich. But the date that was to set us free came and went. And the more practically minded people saw that the date was just another in a sequence of dates that excuses people who in an intellectual discussion assert that the having of children is not a good idea. The atoms of the masses, which get us looking for a light source, and drawing circles round the stars, we must assume have no light themselves.

A brick is a pleasant thing to contemplate. It doesn't seem to make sense reserving the state of being cubic to that of being square when cubic functions are curves, but I'm seeing if I can avoid kicking against the pricks. The arctangent of a gradient gives us one of its radial coordinates. The magic of computational geometry returns, from what must be called geometric coordinates, what is sometimes called the argument, but our heart says, no, just call it a fraction of a circle like everyone else. Now with radial coordinates and a distance, we equally have what are called polar coordinates.

But being more contrary than Mary, we choose instead to say that we have two fractions of a circle and a length.

Going back to the intellectual discussion: we call a spade a fucking shovel. To make fine distinctions between possession and ownership is fucking with our mother tongue. What could I say to a son of mine?

It's so easy to forget, when we confound nationality and race, that a world empire saw just about every mother calling her son Jesus. Those are the relatives of our ancestors, if not our very ancestors.