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Booting a Kernel, believe it or not, requires a font. Some might, if they do believe it, conclude then that booting a kernel requires a language.

There are some questions that in the personal contemplation of, we find they just upset us. Maar as ons met ander mense is maak ons grappies daaroor; that is, it's pleasant to talk to people.

But some people come to us and start talking about the spilling of blood. Ons wil nie veg nie. Maar ons weet dat iets gebeur het toe die wit mens, of die blankes, met hul opregtige maniere gekom het en nou. And before then, the Hitler of England, applying Abrahamic law, did slaughter innocent people--innocent of all except immorality.

We had the wool before our eyes.

Knowing little, I used to sit, and think, and read, until I had something to share with my friends. And then I learnt what it is to give my will to someone else: we weren't atheist, and I had left agnosticism behind me--for the question of what intuition is--and now I find that things have been held together by one who, if I asked him to give himself a designation, would call himself a materialist.

Graphic art, is an artistic way to refer to commercial art; perhaps I might add that I suspect that graphic designers are those who know this. However it may be, if they enjoy their work, they will enjoy lettering (printed types do precede the protestant reformation, so there is a measure of truth in talking of it as an enlightenment, but the enlightened often like to rewrite history without the sword).

I don't know if I can do without pencil and paper: we were introduced to lateral thinking in technology in terms of the making of letters with a stylus, but that technology was deemed not user friendly. In the meantime we ignore the suggestions programmers feed back in terms of handwriting recognition.

A programmer who is told that he is creative, is usually told this simply so as to put him in his place amongst graphic artists. Our Kernel thus requires a product manager.

Practically, the Kernel fonts need only to be legible. A practical graphic designer will ask for a tool that works within the design constraints. But, practically, X-Windows fonts are being overlooked for not being up in the salmon spawning pools.

And so we wash our hands of the problem.

Our Kernel who starts a daemon, drie kereltipe sal ons gebruik: klein, normaal, en groot.

It's unlikely that Kernel fonts will be used beyond the most basic apps. So as to avoid ambiguity, then, we call them Spawning Fonts, and we'll just number the three sizes in the obvious way.