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As I get out of bed I spare a thought for all the girls I have loved, particularly those that thought about education before 'doing it.'

I'll leave the thought up in the air that upon my qualifying the education system was declared just swell; because that would make mothers who mommy says are Christian, pure evil.

I had been left in the lurch: do you want to know more?

It does give weight to the heart being black with sin, but where's the Saviour, now?

'It's about time,' said Richmond.

Having only half the story, then, I try to find the bottom of my stomach but there's no-one to care.

'New' has to be cool.

So then I look at a hurdle that's put up by all the evil mothers of the world. This is the 'core' of the 'game' - 'Solve this problem,' they say, 'and it's all over.'

'But it's just a problem with the words they're using.'

Now I remind anyone who's willing to 'overlook,' of the joys of spring that we can have any darn day of the year, simply by thinking about a sketch.

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