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'And that requires me to rebel against nature.'

Cleaning the toilet might be a better direction for my thoughts, though that gets me to think that the gag called 'to let' is about all this country amounts to. It's what comes of giving a name to something. If I happen to walk through the heart of a shanty town, I'm not inclined to talk to anyone: I not only have my misgivings about being singled out by a crowd, but I'm as sure as they won't question my gender they don't believe running water comes from the Angels.

It's quite clear the cellphone turned this country into just another African country. When you're dealing with Africans, you know that 'the kids' take precedence over all business: this is a consequence of gender equality, but don't think you can talk sense to men or women about it.

Matthew Four is the non-Patriarchal version of the 'Beauty of Life.'

There were those who told me that the most successful in the dating game follow an algorithm, but they probably missed that 'faking' was a backup plan if we didn't want to go to heaven. The hiding of the detractions is something which simply varies from person to person.

Now, do I do the sensible thing, or the logical thing?

If I start a sentence with 'I am not very happy' I'll be trying to outdo myself. Finding an African that has an email address that doesn't have 'africa' in the domain, I'll still have to be prepared for misconceptions about 'domain.'

The domain name system doesn't have any detractions, unless we talk about snooping. It was most certainly the public that decided it wanted to do its banking from the comfort of its own home, or work chair. So as to not have to set a scene let me first remind you about 'encryption modules' that had to be added due to 'export' restrictions. Let me also remind you of those who did not need help except when the 'computer gave trouble.'

This trouble we used a variety of words to explain, but the favourite was a reference to Matthew Four.

That said, the computer is not going to do my stock-taking for me, and only a fool would miss the difference between a tool to be used for a job, and a tool that claims to do the job.

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