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Our Kernel gives us a filesystem, but where do I store my files? My backups, in the cloud or down below, must last until kingdom come. My slack permissions must be forgiven as we forgive those whose duty it is to look at our files. The power does not come from Heaven: it comes from down below. But now we're starting to talk too colourfully.

The screen is an object and a tangible thing. A file is an object that brings us to looking at ownership. Feeling we need to explain ownership to each other is not a good way to get started out in independent life, for this can indicate to us that some parent or other didn't know responsibility from a horse's arse. Permissions within filesystems gives us more insight into declining comprehension than we care to have.

The art of making simple things complicated.

I can take a half-share of blame upon that matter, but if I include the surface of the division I butt my head against my instruction. Shared ownership is the first form of ownership, for to receive something, and treasure it, there must be a time in which the original owner is going through the motions with us so as to determine that our understanding of ownership is compatible with theirs. This is the kind of thing we must think about when we are given the task to look at permissions as a whole, which is what happens when we decide to start a Second System that perfects everything of the First.

Now wanting to make a Third System, from lessons learned, we start with the inadequacies of the first. But to correct them we must look at how this system is used within education. Does the Kernel need to expose Inodes? Do we need to break down the resistance against formats that are only to be edited with a tool?

These questions not leading us to do anything but talk, we look again at an object we needn't describe and consider the display of a filesystem: how do we show users the files that belong to them, as opposed to what we might consider Dark Data?

Perhaps if I sit here for long enough I might come up with a proposition, but the passing around of good ideas can sometimes exhibit a lack of understanding of where they come from. Don't forget: feedback is always welcome.