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It's time I admit it: I made myself schizophrenic. I can't say the problem was mine: we said 'culture' as if the one of our group was not simply telling it like it is when he said he was raised by tv.

There are various kinds of rolling that sound that comes when you think of what goes smoothly downhill.

Try to read the following (as if) with a plum in your mouth?

My friends were devil-worshippers: that is well and indeed what most of the churches stated they believed was being taught where the raising of the arms was for just because, where sport was minimalized, in favour of such arbitrary play, and where some walls (obviously kept away from public scrutiny) were painted black!

But I'm not going to last through this description: the abuse of mathematics was made clear to me, so I was relieved to think back on my high school that only taught about infinitessimals without the requisite symbols.

I'm not saying a fourth-degree polynomial can't look like a pair of tits: but what are tits, anyway?

And this is just an arbitrary piece of history that only connects Germany to England before the war. The 'mathematical shapes describe everything' now comes to us by the abstraction of the body of a car.

But who looks at B or D (or C), right?

But now the monastery dinner bell is ringing.

And they don't make multitasking monks like they used to.

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