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I feel I should show some appreciation when I do finally get started on something that doesn't get me to swear.

But we'll need to look at 'heavily used,' simply because that was the done thing. This is extra complication that won't benefit us unless we find a way of connecting what we do to the 'outside world.'

The 'walls came down' with connectors that required things to identify themselves, upon connection. This wasn't quite the end of the world we thought it was. For example, if we had the ability to get something to respond to a signal--a something like an actuator--we would first thing about making ourselves a thing that could help us with the cleaning.

But this is suggestive of thinking that what's willing to help us for fair compensation is somehow inferior. And it's reminiscent of words that were used to describe our very selves as if they described a different generation (or people elsewhere). Sure the modern boy likes to be clean: but the scenting is a matter of dividing not 'us' from 'them,' but us from those very ancestors who took it upon themselves to try to bring what was good, and leave behind what was bad.

'Let's face it,' we said, 'the natives got what they wanted, and we're no longer their superiors.'

If that makes me racist, then you'll have to give me all your money. Money is good, but not when an exaggerated proportion of it is being used on the exaggeration of things that people can do for each other for free.

Well, maybe.

Big stones and little stones are at least easily distinguishable on the matter of what we can and can't pick up with ease. Finding a medium-sized stone you will say it's 'big enough' - that's because the small ones are supposed to be treated like (fucking) dirt.

But now where to look?

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