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Virtualization means an operating system can always arrange to be backwards-compatible (though it might mean the games run more slowly). This fact was known to Hactar, but to Microkids virtualization was a new toy. Though we quickly leaned it was nothing new, the information that went missing was that Hactar wasn't Hal. The operation of Hal was a closely guarded secret.

To make something backwards-compatible it may mean you have to work on more than one version at a time--in all likelihood with at least one version existing only in your head. I have been referred to as a propeller-head, but theory isn't all about Shape.

Taking flow control seriously for a change, we firstly need to have a chat about strings. Arrays are arrays, lists are lists, and things which behave like text-files are things which behave like text-files. Also, the written word is the written word, but this isn't interesting to us in a gui (because a graphic is something that excites us). Finding thereby that a string is entrenched in the vocabulary, though serving no actual purpose, we dig it up: while doing so, we find that crabs have connected themselves to it, through a perch.

At present we have two types of perches. The one that isn't merely a convenient thing for the crab to use requires us to look at the result produced by the crab as 'yes' or 'no'. This means that every object must evaluate to a 'yes' or a 'no'. This is preferable to requiring them to evaluate to 'true' or 'false': for we must contrast this evaluation with object comparison. It's up to others if they would like an apple and a tennis ball to be equal though producing opposing decisions.