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I take liberties, and then wonder if I would've had peace had I kept myself restrained. Laughing things off takes work. The vagabond and his 'strumpet' is very typical, as is the girl who gets uptight about 'the system,' making sure that everyone parrots 'it's not okay,' which for some reason or other she stops doing when she's a mother.

It's important to remember the distinction between 'typical' and 'so bloody typical.'

To be able to know the depths of feeling which 'makes our case different' you'll know just what a pancake landed in our laps. It's His time, then it's us. But we got interrupted with a 'dummy' and so what else might've been there to say has been overwritten.

Was that careless?

I'll be taking a liberty if I leave this for after a nap. Right now I'm not sure if sleeping alone is worse than not getting any. But for the sake of what we really do indeed know is not equal, which I took it upon myself to equalize, and then go and eat pancakes, where they really are worth the extra mile, I'll give you the countdown chevrons to the next stop.

But my! Those brakes seem to be expected to work miracles!

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