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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

When we eat sugar, our brains give off a pheromone which ants can sense. Therefore ants climb into our ears at night to eat the sugar they can find there.

Am I just being silly?

There are those who have been suggesting that civilization is collapsing; they have been saying this for a very long time.

Are they just being silly?

Go to the ant, thou sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise!

Ants are cannibals: the author of that line would undoubtedly have known this.

Civilizations have been watched from afar, collapsing.

People start doing silly things, and every day look back, thinking: 'My God! What did I do yesterday? And why?'

This last question brings people to compound the silly behaviour, by blaming yesterday's silly behaviour on something new every day. Not satisfied with addition, they resort to multiplication. Such people multiply the blame by attempting to form consortiums to get rid of everything that has been blamed.

We eat vegetables because we believe they are good for us. But they are tortured into growing abnormally large, and fast. And are thus tasteless.

Miskien is ons 'n bietjie dom. Hoekom maak ons so 'n geraas, klop die mense oor die koppe, en sit op hulle skouers, wanneer hulle net 'n bietjie suiker gebruik om hul gekookte groente to geniet?

I must confess that I have been one to think that such a combination is streng verboten.

'O, no! I don't cook with sugar! I like the natural flavours!'

What defines a spice, my dearies?

I am the second-to-last person who ought to be talking about culinary matters; but I may also be the second-to-last person who doesn't believe that culinary matters have either to be dealt with as a form of witch-craft, or a matter of medicine.

You are what you eat! Jy is wat jy eet!

Take this with a pinch of salt.

Silly behaviour under the microscope.

If we leave the city air to look at the stars, that's an experience worth having.

If we leave the moderately clear city air to cook over a fire and dream of the simple life, reason has left us. Why is the city air moderately clear?

Those who talk about fires being romantic, must accept that a smog choked city is also romantic!

I confess I am one that would prefer to look at a fire than a TV screen; I am one that thinks that cities were smog choked, simply because people were not making their fires properly. But I am a fish out of water.

Once we are out in the open, cooking our dinner over a fire, and having a good social time, we think to ourselves: 'But, this food comes from the ground! Can we not spend our lives having a good social time?'

How do we get home from here?

'We drive home, silly!'

Ons weet dat die kroeg 'n plek is waar ons gaan om met ons maaitjies te kuier. Maar hoekom kan 'n kroeg nie 'n egte plaat kos maak nie? En hoekom kan ons nie, wanneer ons by ons palle gaan kuier, ons kos op 'n elektriese stof maak nie?

'We are now home. Must we go back to the mountains to socialize?'

'No, of course not!'

'How about a dinner party?'

'We can't have dinner parties. We're dreaming about growing our own food and cooking over fire, remember?'

'Then I guess we'll just have waste ourselves. Should I invite the ants, or will you?'

Connecting online.

'I don't use social media!'

It doesn't help to avoid creating one's own account if one is wanting to avoid being identified by social media companies. We have to accept that through those we know who do have accounts, those companies know everything about us.

I need my friends to recognize that it is in the best interests of social media companies to keep us apart.

I did not like being called a nerd: it is a bit of an empty word, but the sting of it is the suggestion that one is socially dysfunctional (not awkward). I'm happy to be socially awkward.

The problem with the prevalence of internet dating is that it prevents us from making friends online, which we may then meet offline.

All routes to attaining the information necessary to determine whether it is feasible to meet up with someone offline, are blocked.

To a cynical mind, this is no coincidence.

The thought occurred to me of arranging a nerd conference; however, those who know me may get the idea that I'm planning on running over sheep with a steamroller: I can argue better than you: but I do not enjoy doing it online.

Also, on the matter of behaviour that is being normalized, I must note that pronouns are the right of the speaker: that correcting someone requires the finest knowledge of mannerly behaviour; so that to hold to a creed which makes the greatest matter of having the right to correct a person on minor matters of language is to hold to a creed which makes the greatest matter of having no manners at all.

If name badges are required, and pronouns are included in them, I will shelve my desires for socializing and dig for uranium instead!

If anyone is picking up the vibe, I do have sketches of an idea for one which will not be a copy-and-paste affair.

If you are an event organizer, I am not wanting to make money out of this. You will have to contact me.

We'll have to meet offline.

I know of a great coffee shop with but one flaw: that it thinks it is a pub. And as I do not believe in naming and shaming: I cannot mention it yet.

But I'll give you a clue: it starts with 'U', sugar!

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