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Supporting others--which I think I may claim to have done successfully for a time--we can fall into their way of thinking. It may serve our purposes better to refer to premature men and women, instead of 'young adults': premature men and women are encouraged to think about the machinations of civil life while the comparison of sex amounts to nothing more than ribaldry. There are those who, for this reason or that, can hardly talk to us without referring to their days as premature men and women.

There are those who, for this reason or that, roll their eyes whenever the preface, 'in our days,' is uttered. Omitting the racy details, we might think we're only receiving half the story. But we do know that premature men and women as young as twelve or thirteen were encouraged to use public transport--no matter the means of their parents. It is something that deserves recording. But I had friends who were happy to adapt themselves to the way things are who yet saw racy details as belonging with the love scene on a bear-skin rug. In 'those days' places in which to watch films were called bioscopes; in 'those days' the Morality Act meant censorship of films.

Thus we come to look at Apartheid in context of the public education system. And suicide.

Rising above peasantry and what peasants can't help doing to each other is problematic if we hold to the goal of the eradication of class. But my instincts told me to keep from reproducing, and that now leaves me sexless. This was okay in the days I had friends of both sexes who seemed to yet respect me as not neuter and, as I thought, would not ever blame biology for their actions. Having an income when one has friends like that is pleasant.

O! For a new beginning!

Wrapping up a troubled year I can't fail to mention the witch; for I was holding onto the Mouse while trying to forget that I hardly touched it. For good and bad, when we think that civil society is taking care of itself just fine, is a matter of what we may buy.

The boy from the year twenty-twenty went back to the boy from the year two-thousand and said, 'you were right about the prevalence of touchscreens. But you're going to be very disappointed when you hear about the thickness of the layers.'

'Tarry here a while,' was the response. 'I'll need a lot of support just to get "hello world" right.'