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Do do do do do. A second day of a failure indicates gaming. We've been doing this for years: it's now one thing or another. What I'm pleasantly occupying myself with is likely to be the target for any and all complaining.

The complaining we receive is quite off-hand, and we're almost sure that in most instances the complainer doesn't think they're complaining.

'It's the system, sorry.'

Some people talk about the old days, but we really don't know how many people were required to be on call, to keep the switch-mode networks up. Those networks were certainly a reason that some doubted the advisability of walking away from text mode without a plan: but once you've got file sharing working on a 'local area network,' you just need to get someone who knows enough about routing to get it to work across a 'wide area network.'

I'm sure government departments are nothing like what I've experienced. If the users 'had a wan' and now they don't, they'll have to come to you for help with the file transfers. But you must understand that your paycheck had to come from somewhere.

Someone once talked about a balance, but I think they must have found themselves on a permanent trip.

So now you might see what provided the opportunity for things which we must call systems to be built by those with little interest in method. And as we're on our own permanent trip, of sorts, we know that feelings are 'over the top.'

Now ask yourself why I say that I'm sure this is more than just an error. And let me know when I get to go back to what interests me without the idea that perfection is a no-brainer.

And without the idea that perfecting isn't.

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