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I am: this is my first sense. Togetherness reminds me of what school spirit was supposed to be; that is, not the school spirit which comes of getting the boys who had failed as a matter of exercising their free will to behave as if the schoolfields had all been dubbed, Troy; that is, interschool competitions that only involved the sissy sports for which touching each other is not part of the game.

But the job of parents and teachers is to withhold political burdens from children. As much as I'm told school itself is just a burden, without education we come to having classes of people.

I found my opinions on my schooling had set like provision biscuits. Our high-school, or secondary school, had a class for those whose mother tongue was not English. On the one hand, do-gooders might think that cultural conflict is best dealt with by getting us to observe the cultures of others. But schools had mostly to look after their own funds: what they received from the government was just about enough to pay the staff the minimum wage.

Simultaneously, the change in attitude towards schools, to that of being a day-care centre, which is best exemplified by the manner in which teachers were talked about throughout the town, made the bridging class an abysmal failure.

Elsewhere in the area, scavengers of other races living in the lap of luxury saw fit to chauffeur their children to the schools in the lower-income areas and scoff at a culture which had built schools on the assumption that people could say the phrase, responsible citizen.

Responsible teachers, faced with a child that doesn't understand them, will look to the community for extra funding. If schools must take on the burden of civilizing animals, its administrative overheads will at least equal what it pays the teachers.

My old way of thinking, which I've crunched away with teeth which have taken a beating, is to see racial differences as a matter of a garden with contrasting colours. But other races talk about 'those guys'. And I show little mercy to my family.

'Those guys' write off their debts; 'those guys' come to us with their side of a story, because justice has been placed in their hands, and now they're going to have to become more like us.

In the mean-time, for the sake of those who are following my thoughts, my contemplation of errors leads me to transient stacks, which apparently underlie tree searches. But struct manipulation must be dealt with first.

I fully agree that computer theory needs to be taken away from the old way of thinking.


That's a very, very, very old way of thinking; maar ek skryf lietjies nou, soos ek gedoen het voordat ek in die kroeg vas-gesluit was. Praat ek 'n ander taal nou? I like to think I'm keeping the maas of human kindness from spilling.