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I must go on wondering about people I haven't heard from, who wouldn't have allowed me to call myself taciturn. But memory structures and disk structures--which are file structures--are closely related. And people called programmers were talking about bringing about world peace with computers. And graphs were dubbed spider diagrams in order to feed them to children.

At this last sentence the stomachs of arachnids the world over began to growl because they jumbled up the last four words of it. But you're not going to grasp relational theory unless you can doubt your senses.

If someone stops the class because they want a variable defined--possibly because daddy's a programmer and insists that a variable belongs within an associative array--a teacher might say that a variable is just a letter. But it's better to say that a variable is like work: you won't know what it is until you've experience with it; you won't be able to appreciate what a good life is.

But when we doubt our senses it can so be that some seek to redefine the world based on feeling. In other words, experience counts; in other words, we need people to help us see reason. That done, we come back to memory structures and disk structures.

Or file structures. To cut a long story short, struct manipulation, if done with an algebraic language, means we will be looking for things for operators to do; which gets us to wonder why we're avoiding the ideal object manipulation principle called reverse polish.

Talk is cheap: I don't have time to make an enhancement to a compiler and then try to campaign my change to it. But this should suffice to feed the stomach of something they call a creature, while I work on my work-arounds.