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'What makes us wear hats' was the other option for what we decided not to call a 'teaser.'

The fact comes to light when you have to put things down in writing (that's public), that some words haven't been put down in writing for centuries.

Welcome to the publishers' world.

Now I'm going to have to steer this ship, because when something may attract blame, it attracts all of it. I don't know how to fucking windsurf, so it's good luck to you.

That unlocks a pleasant memory: with which I may remind others who used magnifying glasses to kill ants, of 'etching' a picture in a scrap of wood.

Pictures in books are final proof that publishers have been distorting works of art for their own personal gain.

Now I've done it! Looking at (0,1) is cheating, because I didn't 'make that myself.'

But I don't have the mirrors that publishers use.

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