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Now, to unwind, I'm going to make use of you again. And I start by thinking about children who are my parents. I've got a dirty working tree that's calling me to do some selective cleaning. A hard reset would be more sensible, but there's some outstanding work on Egg-Sgml, and that's something that's totally incomprehensible, if we give our parents the lead to take us back to when they weren't.

Shall I ignore the dirt, or use the automatic cleaner?

Cartoons then slot into place, but we didn't have television, so we did not know about the futuristic scenarios that other children were being fed simultaneous with the 'stone age prehistoric' goad. That that goad involved animals that did the cleaning, either way we were looking at classlessness.

And that worked out well for you, but then we got a violent display when someone suggested looking at who was doing the work and calling them citizens.

Yeah, it's not a case of treating people like animals, because that's what we most love to do within sacred bonds. And there's a thing you didn't know: for I knew the matter of inequality in such a bond. And it's not a matter of blame, but the untold consequences presented themselves to me as if there really is only one reason.

So I said, 'alright, then, you go on being illogical, and I'll be God.'

O! It's lovely to refer to the 'many facets of God,' as come to us when we put away our own language.

'So how about making a gui?'

Egg-Sgml is a backup plan: but we put eggs into 'work,' and note that tapping and rasping are synonymous.

I can go on, but then I might as well go back to the TDM.

And the XTZ was better.

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