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Let me commit to that. I'll need coffee.

'Neatening up afterwards' is a bit of a joke unless we think we're going to live a very long fucking time. Resisting the temptation to look at the time, because the backup should be sufficient for what I intend, I nonetheless need to note that the disturbance that comes of a 'cut' is usually fatal, which means the backup is hardly useful, in the context to which I refer.

This kind of mental preparation has delayed me that much that the government is responsible for all outward appearanced.

The carelessness shown about verges means we don't have somewhere to start: this puts me upside-down, and sets me against myself, for we get called the 'grass people.'

Perhaps this has changed, but that's just the kind of change that gets between us and the soil. And this brings me back to the question of a belief in God.

What's an optimization that doesn't aid clarity, and won't be noticed except by ourselves, as what we might suggest to make had we a fine tooth-comb and the day wasn't suitable for a round of tennis?

Mark my words, you who vote and say 'them' - I won't be joining your 'friendlies,' but perhaps you'll have what it takes for a gentleman's boxing match?

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