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Threads remind us more of a worm race than that which goes to make fabric: 'did you really need to do that to us,' we find ourselves asking, but we don't know who we are asking it to.

Our first requirement is likely that of knowing that a thread has started, for which we must make use of inter-process communication; and so we begin to think that Threads are lightweight in everything except operating system resources. But instead of complaining that the restaurant is getting away with murder, we look at a pipe which is a rabbit-hole. The mystery is that the Above is what we create.

It really doesn't matter what falls through the pipe. As to whether you prepare yourself to catch it, or whether you simply follow the tale once it's started, don't forget that what came into your world is a souvenir, over which superstition or sentimentality is inadvisable. But that's as much as to say, don't do as I do.

Finally, while one aught not ignore error conditions, if the Kernel has decided today that only good news will get through the various flavours of gossip channels, we might just as well go into a flat spin.