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I think I should describe a time machine to you.

Firstly, I must make up for lost time, which is to play along to a tune to two dogs which remind an old man he can be brought to tears by a bitch, as well as his wife and his daughters. And then a tune for my cat, but I'm now at risk of having to build a time machine, which would mean to scratch this draft and leave it amongst a sea of drafts, learn complex current by locking myself in my garage for three months, without any dedicated pencils (I bless the pencils I use for maths with a process that in itself will take patience and care to describe, not to mention putting myself at risk of having my site categorized as a smut site). Which will only get me to start Honda and Conquest and see if I'm allergic to both of their exhaust gases combined (Conquest doesn't have a cat).

Experiments such as Nikola Tesla was performing put the entire world at risk of something like that which Noah saw. Mathematicians know far more about Revelations than they can explain to others, no matter how clever. Dad, in my heart I know, knows far more than he could explain to me, as any electronics man who borrows his wife's pen to design a time machine to occupy the witches which {R} occupying his son's mind. Having now a fantasy UPS made from an old sturdy one given to me by a shaky one who tore up his roots, and a circuit which certainly gives me the understanding that true electronics men know mathematical elegance, the actual likelihood of people with no father of ever changing their ways, what men really fear (a flat battery), exactly what Psalm 119 means, that the bananas can rot, that the beer bottles can wait (but the coffee can't), what he's always been saying about what to feed cats, but not to stuff the envelope.

Which I tend to do, because I love the sound of my own voice--it goes all day in my head.

I'd like, just this once, to produce a webdoc that doesn't need revision. But I'm forgetting my own rules, I don't know how to make lists, I need to read Psalm 119 again... .