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I have been required to contemplate toads for the sake of those married to them; which includes the contemplation of myself as one of them.

I quite honestly don't recall what got me thinking about apprentices to mechanics, for I have not known any, further than exchanging a greeting. Unless I consider my amateur tinkering and repairwork as a form of apprenticeship, that is.

This does remind me that one bike has not had much mention, though it was the one that got me to look at the action-word bicycle as offensive: this I now dub Accelerate.

With this bike I learnt the great regret of not ignoring big sign boards that tell us not to proceed; in later years I came to realize that some sign boards are put up by local residents without consultation with the authorities.

We couldn't avoid being drawn into discussions about the handling of vehicles; it's a strange fact. The very girls and women who complained that boys are fiercely competitive, which includes comparing their fathers, were competing with us by bringing boys they had known into the conversation.

I have been feeling my way around the matter of boys whose instincts seem supernatural. If someone makes such a suggestion it's best to let the conversation die, and leave; or the topic is likely to come round to that of simulated motion.

Some boys get no enjoyment out of computer games.

In the same way we might find ourselves arguing with a woman about how different boys can handle vehicles, as if her pride in her skills were secondary to a handful of boys she knew, we might find a woman telling us how we aught to behave towards women generally.

But the evidence of our senses might just suggest that the behaviour that leads to a man taking a woman home with him is entirely contradictory to the advice we are receiving.

Such boys, for instance, don't keep their hands to themselves.

Timing is a very important thing, but it can be precious difficult to find ways to practice it. People who are pointing fingers about gender confusion are generally confused about what a gross generalization is.

I don't expect anyone to follow in my footsteps. But this leaves me wondering where my place is.

This from one who was turned into a toad by just a look, and thereafter found his own looks more pleasant on his own eyes.