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Sometimes news is not just about people exercising their free will to abuse other people and systems. There are those who have lived to see great things done. Often doubt effaces the greatness of events; and then it can come about that what's done is done, and it doesn't matter what anyone believes; because, for example, as noble as it was to abolish slavery throughout the Empire, many of us have felt enslaved by animals to a greater or lesser extent.

And time goes on. It may so be that some of us felt irreparably damaged for no longer being interested in what could not be seen. And in terms of what could be seen, our self-assuredness fought with the fact of a beating heart. We knew the thing happened. The doers of the deed had our full sympathy, so that there was no reason to doubt the ostensible motivating feelings. But to see what we were saying about just desserts carried through with such perfect execution, we began to see that those who talked about virgins in heaven were using the same translation service that gave water-sheep when faced with a hydraulic ram.

But the preceding events got forgotten about. The dreaded chain store, which may be called Septua Eleven, had itself not been bombed, but every other month we were hearing, not without a good deal of the feeling of justice being done, news about what we could only side with were we to side with terror, and were we to deny that innocent lives were being taken.

Such things one has to form one's own opinion on because there are at least as many answers as questions. Knowing how little a nation can care what enables it to have a pampered existence, whenever the topic of the towers has come up, I've had the sinking feeling that I'm being pressured from without to join the only religion that gives a fuck about virginity (that's my experience: don't preach to me about your lack of it). Needing to settle my feelings and opinions, I made my way to the place to which our conversations inevitably draw us, for time has not given us peace; and we can but restate our opinions. Though I had little opportunity to talk to the natives, not all communication is in words: not all footage is on a tape or encoded in a file. That's when I saw it from the eyes of the few people left who take what they've seen and carefully guard it from those who insist that we aught to always be in doubt as to the whether we're awake.

It isn't the case that seeing is believing. Some people learn to doubt themselves. And doubt can leave us in a flat spin. Especially when you know that people have the right to continue living in a dream world in which innocent lives can be lost where no innocent lives are to be found. The question is if anyone died who might have inspired people to do better, or who might have satirized the makers of theories guaranteed to be popular for showing a nation of carrion to be helpless victims: with all the simulation tools that were our boast, not once has the destruction of a full-sized building been modelled using the blueprints; and if the public was to be given the plain information as to how a building falls down, in the circumstance that it is to fall down, and why it is designed to do that, there would be no fiction to sell.

And we have little choice but to be opportunists: for a small fee I'll tell you how this ties in with social media addiction.

A very realistic view of things meant that whether a building was accidentally or intentionally imploded was supposed to mean more to me than whether a girl had accidentally or intentionally drawn on me with a pen. And I had already decided that there was no future for a child. And someone who should know had told me not to kid myself about contraception.

And was the girl beautiful? And could we have populated the world with good people?

I don't know. I bought a motorbike and tried to forget about her. Someone who should know, said the Human Spirit would continue populating the world with people. If you really try hard you'll no longer feel like it's the end of the world if you didn't get to use the pen before you were shown a substitute. If you keep on at it you might find yourself one day only thinking about the tall buildings; but in terms of being shaken it certainly wasn't a day. I would say there was a five-year lead-up, but now I'm thinking double.

In terms of innocent lives being lost, is it, or is it not the case that at times people feel guided to do things, such that for no apparent reason at all a real-estate agent would find themself unable to give away property in a certain place?