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Putting sentiment aside, we look at a power button. I put things aside because there was a time that my legs were indistinguishable from those of a girl, and I have been expected to be that comfortable within myself that things I was blissfully ignorant of I can call no matter.

We must all deal with signs of ageing. Forgetfulness is something which happens to some boys at some time in their life and there are those of them who see this as a sign of losing their innocence.

It would've been nice if I could at least claim to have humped her.

Instead, we find ourselves holding onto theory which is there seemingly for interest's sake, which makes computers a bad thing or wholly our responsibility.

Blueprints: ask Dad why they call them that: I don't know.

If Dad doesn't know, no-one does. People like to fake it when information is truly lost. But whatever they are, they are opposite to what a camera does. A film camera has blueprints, but we don't know about digital cameras. That's classified information.

And this is where we call it an end: unless you intend to chop me up and grind the pieces to be put in a vacuum-tube funded by the governments of the world, the history of computers is lost.