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For the sake of detailing lies which were transparent to us, we take a look at one of the most popular browsers--that is, in the succession of most popular browsers--which is generally seen as having received just punishment for the arbitrary manner in which it dealt with standards.

The overlaying of pictures requires an opacity value assigned to every pixel. To encourage the use of pictures with transparency information--otherwise called an alpha channel--is to encourage people who are not scientifically minded to make webpages that require bleeding edge technology. Unless the visitor has a workstation equivalent to that which the web developer is using, Kernel paging is then likely to ensue.

After this the system starts to thrash.

A web app maker, who's doing his level best to keep his pages small, then gets called in to decide whether to wait or pull the power; and, of course, asked what thrashing is and why systems still do that.

The answer you've all been waiting for.

Practical Kernels have to unleash a dragon when there's little memory left. The hotel guests who have small windows are the safest to start off with (but minimizing is a blind in this situation). The best a fireman can do, when the staff of the hotel have rung for aid, is to ask the dragon to say cheese for its photo, for later analysis by Kernel architects.

Dragons have stomachs. Everyone knows to keep clear and wait for its fire to run to steam. Looking for an exit from the matrix is much of a kind with pulling the power.

In fact, it makes the dragon think it's the only creature alive.

A dragon that comes across buildings chasing each other for sun is likely to think it has come across a new form of agriculture, and imagine that safety mechanisms are only there to protect the farmer's investments. But not fucking with things has been drummed into the dragon to the degree that when it takes a break from the hotel it sits down with a big mug of coffee and complains about people who fuck with things.

Thus rebooting remains necessary to anything possessing a Kernel.

Appeasing the dragon is possible for a bored sysadmin. But following the tracks in the sand is called cupidity.

Kernel designers are often taken for a walk along the beach, during which they receive kindly advice as to how Kernels aught to be improved.

Alas, some people decided for stupidity.