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Our emotions play havoc with us. In a country which everyone says is fucked we find it difficult to imagine anywhere that someone will be willing to listen to us describe a problem upon which public transport must depend, or we are simply creating a country wherein children will grow up thinking the best jobs are government jobs. That is, a country with a good public transport system that doesn't find it necessary to criminalize people who live in countries with bad public transport systems.

We've been at this game for a long time. If we can't have British cheer, we'll just have to have Witchell cheer.

If I'm not the Man in the Moon to my readers, I have to call myself a mathematician, but social problems aren't fixed by getting people to try to be mathematicians. A mathematician, though, knows that dependency is something to be observed with cat-like coolness. A filesystem is not a requirement of a Kernel, and a purpose-built system will have relational database files and little else.

Automated busses in bus lanes might be an idea, but I also think it's an idea not to call depth-first tree searches, artificial intelligence. Multiprocessor is a specialized case of a network, and dependent on infallible communication.

Using GNU alternatives for mundane tasks doesn't make sense. GNU 2.0 aughtn't require /tmp. If you have something of worth to print you'll need to get yourself into the mental torture that is a reverse polish language; it might be an idea to get another member of your team verifying the output with a mundane script.

I'm a big believer of team-work: with one person procuring the printable transparencies, another building the verification scripts, and a third helping him, there would be no time for gossip, such as talking about where all those children are coming from.