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The boy from the nineteen-seventies and I had discussed the bad in technology until we saw little bad anywhere else, and until we had started to think about providing a means of quantifying badness.

'A means of quantifying is called a unit,' he said. I acknowledged his correction and then he added, 'but just about everyone will make a dive for infinity.'

And then he vanished and I was left with the thought of how clean it must be outside the universe.

Looking at new technology that can only remind me of my failure to solve all the problems therewith during the last year, I am priviledged to receive the announcement that another year follows this one.

New technology isn't going to solve the problem of a year that starts with the thought of what comes with the cold weather in the middle. But I'm through with celebrating Christmas, either way. Some things are for girls discuss amongst themselves and with their husbands; in other words, Christmas is divisive.

And now I'm going to try to put the thought of what other people believe about good and evil away so that I can think about the having of a shell.