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For some people, retention starts with the matter of drawers and cupboards. Trying to arrange what I own brings me to yet again look at the toys of my childhood and try to understand why they feel like they've travelled with me from a different world. Thanking our lucky stars for being a lump of lead takes a deal of imagination, but it is my powers of retention that lead me to look at gifts.

Thinking ourselves old, we might find that thinking ourselves young is not a matter of will; but the young memories are the old ones and new memories are a matter of will. The conclusions we draw before we come to paradoxes of time and feeling might some of them be necessary to retain as we find that a somebody else is being sought, and in the meantime ears are being blocked to a counter that has already started.


Predicting the future is difficult: if someone shouts loud enough it might be decided to move a leap year forwards, or delay it, in which case the upgrading of systems, that were built around the expectation of sensible people being sensible, will become necessary. Retention of communication brings us to recall that we had asked someone else for their view of the internet after we came to see that technically--and in its simplest useable condition--it may be defined as three communication protocols.

It was very generous of the founders of the internet to allow Unix computers to connect to it. But the Unix Epoch got pinned to a legal system that few did not believe was not thoroughly corrupt, which pinning has to do with the earliest form of message and message delivery standard--which had treated retention as being as obvious as keeping the drawers and the cupboards tidy.

Standardizing drawers and cupboards in the abstract occurred in a time which we must accept is a matter of history to us; for that is what respect of the elders means. All we need to know is what wheel not to reinvent.

Assuming, therefore, that the measurement of time is not being treated as a joke, we start building the list of caveats: which includes that of appearing to be suspicious when you think the time of sending and the time of delivery is all a sender deserves to know.


Look at the time! And now we're both looking at a number between which and us the distance is so great we might as well call it overcountable. It's useful to have a calculator always available in the same place from which you issue all your commands, but I won't tell you to make use of something with as much overhead as the GNU subsystem for S_Windows. At present I don't know if there's a calculator you may use with less overhead than that. But I've made an assumption here which has much to do with how we spend our time and the differing meanings of good use.

I assume everyone knows how best to make an ass out of you and me?