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Talking to a distribution might give you the wrong idea, but then again, it might give you just the right one. We've come through many years of 'sharing our views' with each other, but one of those views is that mathematicians are devil worshippers. That being the case, you're all fucking evil unless you starve yourselves to death.

Cylinders are 'just convenient,' and screws are 'just coincidental.'

But we don't want to make more mathematicians, because there are things to avoid. And we come to one assertion, which is believed to be true, involving a problem of arbitrary dimension, which a person said was obvious, which is believed to be false.

We can't have people becoming less clever. But this is what we were told was definitely happening. And this is why we say that the baby factory is interfering with perfection.

And this is why we are talking to you, Debian.

You know about your babies. We can't talk about things that need fixing without being directed elsewhere.

But those babies made themselves.

Debconf was the last new thing under the Sun made for the love of it. Until you've made your own language, you won't know what to avoid when making a configuration format. But let's rather note that the tool that was made out of wrath, that we all say is Good, includes a tool to change the config. Which can seem like nothing more than a token: but perhaps a maker of a Kernel isn't too thick to make a language of his own.

Perhaps starters of new things now know they must make their own preventative measures against what can be added that 'might be useful later.'

That makes it seem like we've got the right principles for a brand new start: but the Dependencies, which we've yet to get any electronic engineer to leave their vacuums to notice, are accepted as unsurpassable. So the retro-fitting of config editing tools needs to be reapproached.

I can hardly talk about this and ignore the fact that I was attempting this very thing twenty-four-fucking years ago.

But we didn't know when to call people idiots. Or just fucking baby factories. Now we've got something you might be interested in, but you can't have it without my attitude.

And you can be damn sure I won't be looking at 'deb' all over the place if I have to do my own thing.

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