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I was accused of not having cut the umbilical cord, by a relative of mine; which was the first and only time I met this relative. He was related by marriage to the Norwegian side of my family, and didn't seem to be the type of person who would have as muched as shrugged his shoulders watching Dr Morreau creating men of animals. He was an Englishman, and it may well be that he was the best example I've met of the author of the mentioned book.

The English like to divide themselves into Christian and non-Christian. I don't like to think having an us and a them is the only way of doing business, but I do not intend to associate myself with men who proudly claim to have cut the umbilical cord themselves. I certainly am happy to respond to an interrogating relative as to what brought me to a place by saying that the what is correctly the who, and the who is correctly my mother.

One true fact of Cord Cutters is that they chafe against their wife having replaced their mother in their affections, and look for ways to avert the only way of keeping their marriage together, which is to obey their wives.

And daughters must obey their fathers, as part of this contract.

The biggest difficulty a man might face is in cutting himself from a cord-cutter father. I know I'm being asked to look at cables and what runs through them, but routing used to be something I got excited about and now it just makes me feel positively ill just to think about it.