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Secret communication protocols are those which are found in wartime. This means GNU remains something merely to wonder at.


If I try I might imagine the creator of a compiler shedding tears, but the Atlantic division interferes with the picture.

The being of a user--particularly the being of a gui user--is a back-patting being. Coming into contact with GNU was an early awakening to regressive behaviour, but we had already sanctioned tools which no right minded GNU programmer would attempt to create.

Curses! Curses, everwhere!

I had the idea of looking at something like xterm, but the same group-think as mentioned earlier suggests to me that Curses is provably broken by design. The solution would be to pick a terminal type, but I'm thinking my resigned way of thinking up projects to do while I'm here is disturbing the other races round about who prefer to learn all of how to throw a rock. And then have children. And then complain about the education system.

A group of friends and I, who were similarly minded, utterly hated the racist attitude people of our kind adopted, and yet adopt. But if you give a baby a tool that allows it to detect the errors that its parent is making then the only option for the baby is to corrupt the parent. Thus we put all gui projects to the side.

I don't consider HTML a substitute for a gui. I don't consider a microprocessor a good substitute for a bi-metal strip that knows how brown the bread is. But appliances that avoid the simple solutions don't interfere with my enjoyment of sitting in the sun.

Making a decision no longer to look at guis just as I was getting a test app ready, as frustrating as it is, does indicate that we're not quite together. But I have other proof of that as I've been bugging, and I don't know when I'm going to get sufficient peace in order to be able to debug. Fighting for peace will get me in jail one way or the other.

Without looking at a root, we recall that some people are not racists because they hate everyone equally. It's an important distinction and we came to it while at our mono-racial highschool; we also knew that there was no correct way of depicting a filesystem. But when thinking theoretically we reserve colour, for it has an important task. A user is likely to firstly think of the file type, but the sensible way of achieving this distinction continues to be mocked by whoever is doing the mocking.

As people are likely to think files are more important than directories, we hand such a person all their files to hold onto, along with the paths of each; which is just coincidentally what a tar file is, except for empty directories.

Starting from scratch we're unlikely to make the current directory a part of processes. The usefulness, besides what a lib can provide in terms of relative path access, is to lock the current directory; directory locks only mean anything to mount. To save ourselves the hassle of a path separator, we will require all directories to end with one; which then saves us having another routine to combine paths.

Looking a little bit further in terms of how a process may obtain a file or directory path from a user, we come to realize that syscalls are not subroutines, but that requires us to look at companion processes.

Nice idea. Let me go finish my baking. Maybe I'll even have a carrot. That should set a good example, right?