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If you're unhappy, be unhappy. Sometimes we think our unhappiness has to do with where we are. Going somewhere else is therefore not something that needs to be suggested. But the thought of going somewhere I could be anonymous is one that has lived with me my adult life. It may so be that the facts were presenting themselves to me, that the hobby that had been encouraged, that became the skill that I was recognized by, amounted to nothing but the production of special effects, and game programmers gave up on platform neutrality.

The only thing remaining is to teach, but are we going to teach that the Theorem of Pythagoras is obsolete? Or that people followed him because of something magical? No doubt he did have something to offer barbarians living in a slum.

But I now have a tool to keep unhappy thoughts from chasing each other and comparing themselves to each other.

Which is quite the opposite of unhappy, so I'll leave this here.