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'Cap' brings me to a stand-still. If I write it seven times I'll give myself a hundred and twenty eight reasons to think about stable storage as a given. Machine code is worth knowing, but you need to know where to draw the line on the matter of looking for what's minimal.

Quite correctly we might call instructions, viruses.

Before we use a syscall that modifies your data we must do a survey: mentioning syscalls we introduce another thing for which we must bear a minimal set in mind or say that growth is good.

Now I'm finding my unfinished business is calling me: which involves the decision of what to wear. The uniform had in fact been selected organically, by our generation, but it was then imputed on those of us who go of our own volition to this coal-face. Sleeping in denim trousers and a 'pull over' shirt only requiring the removing of shoes to be just as comfortable as anything called pyjamas, I find it just as well that I've mentioned what's viral.

The gap that a change of clothes implies is on an axis that brings into question, mortality. Living forever is no matter, until it comes to the matter of having to forever be second fucking guessed.

Go and 'take one for the team,' miserable wretch.

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