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The number one doesn't become insignificant, by any means, when we consider numbers that can be indefinitely large. Its value as the identity is inestimable to algebraicists, but estimability and significance are qualities that work independently. We might say that the unit is invaluable, but we would then need to avoid stating its value; which is a hundred-percent fine to one attempting a creative writing exercise, but creative writing without biochemistry seldom gets a pass mark.

Introducing part of what a doctor will study titrated with an equal comeasure of what a naturalist studies, perhaps may be a course of action taken by those who intend to intrigue schoolchildren who, when looking at their belly button, think about their mother's experience, and knowledge of things that children don't generally get to watch.

Severing the umbilical cord is obviously not something that can't be dispensed with. Introducing propaganda like material into the school syllabus is just what we'd expect from the Big Bad British Empire. Doctors, in my opinion, must find the philosophy resonate with them, that calls us spirits in the material world. Naturalists are unlikely to be able to give up the search for the roots of civilization: no self-respecting scientist will pick an argument with one who insists that we are primates.

The War at School.

Leaving only your name for posterity, you have no-one to defend it when the downtrodden worker fingers you for having built their houses smaller than your own, for having kept your whiskey to yourself, and for not having hired an army of governesses for the education of their children. Preventing un uprising from succeeding might have the side-effect of bringing about an actual war. The Christian thing to do, if your industry is making the natives jealous, is to tolerate abuses that harm no living soul. But the English sense of justice is offended by authorities that ban public gatherings.

Not having a leg to stand on isn't what I call a culture or a religion.

Evaluating a fraction is a matter of making the denominator the unit; multiplying this by a hundred gives us a number that, forgetting about the fraction, is on average three syllables. Protestants were given a new word for the same-old same-old, and then all new ideas, such as decimalization, got thrown into the same pot. But it does seem that accounting teachers who don't know how to get a cost price from a selling price without a calculator, for not knowing how to work ratios, are in charge of standards, which includes the metric units. Thus we screw around with spellings of words as if that is how best to remove ambiguity.

Letting biology teachers run business would be the quickest way to ensure all the factories close. But simple explanations are there to attract the ignorant: some declarations of war have only been written in the heart; and those without natural reasons to have an inkling of the causes can only pick a side. Accounting at school was pure evil: the idea was sold to us that a business plan is unsound if it could not earn more for the investors than they would get by leaving their money in the bank. Those businesses that have survived through three governmental regimes had business plans drawn up on the back of a cigarette box.

Building trust comes first: if that is not possible, then evil does have a unit, and a national symbol, too.

But while I know that only down here on Terra Firma can dried fruit and nuts beat inflation, for their abundance elsewhere, none have been willing to assure me that the land of dates and almonds has hot coffee.

I've made my choice.