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Now standing and doing little more than yawning, I say to myself 'stock taking' - the 'guess' is laziness if we're just going to leave it lying around. At this stage I'm going to write the word, coffee, simply to get out of a slump.

Priming best describes the configuring that is not to be done automatically. At this stage we start thinking about the errors to give ourselves for what must be done 'by hand' - this recalls errors which simply indicate 'where' - it also brings us to look at the die command.

I'm not a great fan of that one, hey. Certainly a command which indicates 'where' and exits is just what we need when we're going around and around, but I'm not about to take to man bashing when the end is in sight.

So I'll just have to 'slip this one through the door,' while we go back to the thought of currencies that have been stripped of their unit.

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