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Coming to think we'll be ready take one for the team, in a moment of weakness, so long as we find ourselves with a perfect automaton, we glance back at 'no to racism' and feign a head-slap.

Endurance ebbing, we 'keep our eye on the ball' and our shoulders squared, and then we think about a bucket, and think, fuck it.

We have two 'aids' to say no to.

Knowing that we're going to go from one file to another, we might recall the user profile complaints which we could do nothing about but bring up the topic of skeletons. A checklist seems a bit dumb when you've got a fully-configurable tool in front of you, but due to the fact that your 'system' is a product within a sequence of products, expecting to create a 'utility' that 'sorts it all out,' is a matter of relying on clairvoyance. This kind of guess is generally not considered, occult, because it is based on experience, but what would it be if you could get such a 'utility' right?

So let's rather think about a list of aids.

This has already been started (refer to 'launcher') but now we need to decide which are to be used to 'tweak' and which to be 'installed.'

The question of those that aught to be run as root brings us to question the sensibility of sudo, but we know that this was shown as indispensable when users found they had to become an 'administrator' if they thought they owned anything. So we're not going to be able to make this all explicit: you really are just reading decisions that must be made, if we take anything seriously at all, as we do what's implicit.

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