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Putting myself in a flea-market, I find myself in a vacuum. The only value they have is in giving us something other than two or four digits by which to refer to our memories. Having said this, my stomach no longer feels like it's being asked to digest special effects and their indivisibles.


Being treated like a Hero is something we can't avoid. As a result, we need to start our documentation in the days when we thought we might find a niche, as it appeared others had done, which gave them the means to live the Simple Life. Failing to define what you're aiming for doesn't give you a right to complain about the Conditions. But I was brought back home after trying to find a way out, and the advice we simply have to learn to ignore is that of, 'find a girl, settle down.'

I'm afraid I convinced myself that someone has been paying attention to what I've been saying. Listening to myself, about version control, leaves me chasing my tail. This reminds me about an attempt I made to find a beginning to a story. I haven't given that up, but I have given up the long-time attempt at being less like me.

Don't castigate yourself for fumbling!

I don't know where those words of wisdom came from; I'll take my time, think a lot--of everything I've got--for I'll still be here tomorrow and my dreams... they'll still be dreams.