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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

Programming is about version control; businesses are about evasion control; electronics is about magician control; nunneries involve virgin control: none of these suit our fancies; each of them has at times been the sole pillar upon which civilization has stood.

In order to achieve something in a reasonable time we have to take hideous shortcuts.


Who wants to hear a story of a man who has loved, lost, and rebuilt?

This is what we find ourselves leading towards: let's put the clipboard to good use.


Now we open up a new document.


And modify the names therein.


Experience tells us that experience counts: and how!

B N M, Dot / Shift!

I am hanging up my boots on the matter of (explaining) version control as I have hung up my boots on the matter of writing software which doesn't belong to me. I have been doing both since I was at that awkward age when I didn't know whether to refer to myself as a boy or a man. I have no less than a quarter of a century under my belt.

R5000* per hour! Or CTRL+A: Shift+DEL!

R500000000000000000 per hour! Or CTRL+A: Shift+DEL!

I will negotiate after you have transferred your database to Postresql or Mariadb--but the latter doesn't have a ring to it, does it?

If you get the developers to rename it to Mariadbsql that'd be another option.

The choice is yours.

•• ••• ••• ••