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'Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving, and revolving at nine-hundred miles an hour.'

The fact that this film got butchered to provide evidence that computer graphics technology was secretly available to some producers and not others, and, extracting blood from hay while the sun shone, made use of realistic looking animation in a series, part of the fame of which was its childish animations, is no surprise. A porpoise who sobered up in later life looked at the things they might have parodied with their extra-terrestrial intelligence, such as, for instance, comedy shows that encouraged people to think that English quality was an anomaly of history involving people who reproduced as a duty to the state, and made sure to do so without taking their clothes off, and realized that one must either be part of the problem or part of the solution. It's all very well for a porpoise to parody the obsession with natal technology, but meat is meat and a man must eat. And porpoises who have lost sight of dry land see fit to parody the backbone of a man.

'Honey, did you have to have that operation that was named after a man who was made to live by killing the mother, and then renamed to avoid this fact of history?
'My friends are now saying I'm a sell-out.'

Of course, what wife would listen to a husband who forbids her to do anything but have a natural child-birth? What man would publically state this was his instruction?

This not being of much interest to those who like to watch a film or a videogram for a laugh, even if it means they're laughing at nothing at all, which is an interesting experiment worth trying, for what it does for the conscience, one Youtube videogram documentary featured one of the porpoises going into a country that is much talked about but little looked at, which demonstrates the plain fact that a monarchy is superior to a democracy, for the struggles it went through when it was a very poorly country, have reaped the fruits of a contented population.

And that only took two generations, at most.

But let's watch repeats of Dynasty tonight, honey?

Besides that video technology requires a mathematician to look at moving pictures in terms of cubic polynomials, and that I would have been told that I wasn't a mathematicians arse, unless I knew how to use Complex matrices, and besides a number of other things that suggested to me I could have no better enemy than the one recommending I watch videos on business time, I have to admit that this person who didn't think my experiments with relational databases were going to give me anything but a pain in the neck for being told the tool I was using was out of fashion, which any number of real programmers would confirm, which floating programmers happened to be married, not to mention being shown apps which are properly designed, crashing aside, for almost any screen size except that on a mobe, the omission of which in my demo apps only demonstrated I didn't have a clue about workflow in the twenty-first century, I did come to realize that this colleague of mine, who's most important requirement of a colleague was that they could take a practical joke, had a point about Youtube videograms. Nowhere else can we get an accurate history of the period of time covering anything from the last half century to the last hundred years; that is, for those who look at the reflection of a work of fiction for what a historian cannot describe.

The first videogram recommendation made to me was a music video by a group who clearly didn't know what a saw was, who called out to intelligences not fit for Terra Firma to give themselves a healthy mental occupation.

But that's what a job is about.

Nonetheless I went on to watch documentaries I found, which detailed exciting new ventures such as bicycles which fly, which was something for the American government, which, welded as it is to American business can only be called the whole of America, to do with the money they had extracted from the rest of the world for their Space programme. Money was no object, of course.

One offshoot of this flying bicycle that captured the imagination of boys around the world, and which required Olympic athletes to remain on top form while waiting for the perfect weather, was glucose energy drinks. This was done in conjunction with universities, of course, who were first asked what the maximum power output of an athlete is; the university that was questioned responded with the question of what power was being sought. These facts have certainly been in the minds of the American public all along.

'What's your point?'

I assume that only boys would think that omission of such details in the stories they read are coincidental.

My use of the word videogram is another offshoot of my researches, which comes from the final days of films commissioned by the British government to be accurate reproductions of English literature; which, in contrast to films made from books for a buck, paid attention to every detail except that of the average anthropod attention span.

Thus repeating myself yet again, I simply repeat the message that was passed to me as of a single mother who decided she made a mistake, and, life going on, sought an unwed man to relieve her of her burdensome child: as of a thump on the head of a castaway who, coming to his senses, picks up a bottle he hadn't seen before, and pulls out a slip of paper containing the words, 'not in this lifetime.'