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Someone aught to have thought about the Global Village before they invented aircraft!

It's worth giving thought to just how much time it would take two overgrown boys working alone to get such a thing together; for, people being as we've known people to be, to have enlisted but one helping hand would have meant certain ruin to the enterprise.

The Wright Conspiracy!

But to have expected them to, either during or after, work out the details of a global village is a tad unfair. In all likelihood they would have had to make a pretence of what they were doing with the tools and materials they had been ordering, such as to say they were working on the design of a new car.

Invention is something we were made to be jealous of, first for that of having projects of value to work towards, and second, for that our lives are stuffed full of the inconvenience of modern conveniences that if there is anything worth inventing, no-one will want it; so that it isn't too much of a stretch to say that our making ourselves jealous of those who hadn't been made jealous of inventors, because they just knew how to say, 'thank you, ma'am,' is not something we need be ashamed of.

Neither is the enjoyment of pre-existing inventions which make us cough (if we put our faces where we shouldn't). Taking a second tour of the country, I couldn't help noticing that every town sports the same-old, same-old facilities of a sporting institution which allows people who, if they ever were a boy, to assert their manliness to skeletons. No matter how much I try I'm not going to get a round stomach. Looking for perfect feelings is just looking for trouble. Thus I resort to the distant past, for that I had one friend who kept me from making bad compromises when all others were calling me out for not facing reality. I reel at the thought of what some might think is a happy compromise for one such as I, which includes a bachelor who thought he had no friends but his parents.

But it seems that some friends are mutually exclusive with our parents. How institutions come into being is a matter for those who concoct conspiracy theories to form conspiracies with their neighbours about, with the intention of making their theories accepted as fact by main force. Some of them indeed are older than writing. But we frequent the nearby facilities at the risk that it is imputed on us that our doing so is an expression of patriotism. A very good idea for a licensed venue posed to attract those who enjoy good company, good conversation, and good drink, is the inclusion of board games.

Not to take credit from the ladies who no doubt contributed to the creation of such an establishment, we would like to know what particular thing they disagreed with in that which was called a gentleman's establishment?

This is the particular in the history of the Wright brothers that is missing.

For, where shall a man go who desires to speak to other men who are mechanically minded, without first explaining everything about his project to someone who isn't?

How shall a man describe what he has done without having to produce glowing words of his own works that are fit for publishing?

But we must let the news of the first flight circulate howsoever news circulated in those days before the thought of a global village had occurred to anyone, note that a lady cannot be too nice, a gentleman cannot be too punctilious, and a thinker cannot think too much, and recall that we cannot live in huts: for the sake of the family.

For the sake of the family we might get into jet aircraft. But border authorities suggest to us that deportation is an impossibility, by the lengths that we must go to satisfy them. I don't mind being tracked. It is the feeling of being watched that I must simply tolerate; for, alone and in the shower, the feeling doesn't go away because we ask it to.

... sometimes disintegrated progress means we will be held up as examples to future generations, which people are still allowed to make up their own minds about us.

I would say, Lassie come home, but my mind is wandering to a place which is now just another town of Suburbia; though we've learnt to live within this, but for that children are encouraged to take what doesn't belong to them by calling it hacking, our feelings are yet left to walk the dog. But unless I describe a hill to you, as well as a bicycle, a song, and a boy, I'm just going to make you less comfortable with what we flit over when we're in an air-plane, by mentioning facts I came face to face with long before I started working.

Judgmentalism is like a light switch: when it's off everything we bump into is judgmental.

The rest of the township of my thoughts is protected by barbed wire.