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Yes indeed! The 'experiment' went up into the air and we were made to feel our lowly station as we tried to make the grass nice.

Now finding the lighting is particularly annoying, I wonder who's fucking around 'up there.'

Of course they'll tell us that's beyond 'human intervention,' but if we talk about engineered weather they'll just look at us and smile. Well, now I've given you permission to do that. I do suggest you slaughter any animal that says 'if he' as if that is an answer.

But I'm forgetting the cattle farm.

It's very important when you go to the mountains to take your 'swim suit' - that way you can show a person who's looking for something more than meditation just what a gift you are to what has more than what can be seen.

The cattle farm is 'where the pendulum began.'

It is no matter for anyone to make an animation that looks like someone walking. But you'll start with the thigh. And then you'll try to think of the knee function. And then you might think that it'll be better to start with a run.

Of course, that has much to do with keeping the groin going in a straight line.

And if you don't complete the upper body before you start, what do you have? A business tool?

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