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The weather is a local phenomenon; as to the matter of the whether web-loggers state the obvious more or less often than exactly how a reader expects to have to tolerate those adverse drops, as of acid from an acid ocean, this is my cloud, and while I cannot guarantee that aeroplanes won't fly through it, for hacking is yet considered a skill I believe, the inside of this kind of cloud is actually none of your business.

Drip! drop! drip.

If you've given up making the inside of your house look pretty, because quality wood is hard to come by for those who prefer to make their own decorations, and pre-made decorations made out of material that is no quality at all just make you look at your trousers, and leaves an old man to say the same old things to his old son, simply because no-one else will listen, do not fear!

If you've managed to read this far, Rainbows!

Rainbows are supposed to get us looking at world history. It doesn't really matter whether their existence is to be associated with miracles, or the study of color. The study of color is the study of quantities. Creativity is not eliminated by making color your study, but it can make you feel a little heavy when thinking of hopeless attempts at being truly artistic not so much for the lack of creativity but for the lack of knowledge of paint. And we like to see progress, if we have any creativity within us.

It's just a balmy Sunday afternoon.

Actually it's Wednesday or Thursday, but it is balmy saving that people with no creativity at all like to make themselves heard. Or make themselves into a herd, I haven't yet worked that one out.

Creative writing is a lot more fun than drawing scenes and things. Acid rain on a perfect African plain gives us the idea that we might neutralize acidity with soap.

It's strange how things fall into place around me. Saving that I have no way of telling mothers everywhere that their daughters aught to consider me as a kept man, for that which falls into my lap I cast aside at my discretion, I can call myself a lucky man.

Dad's fight with the clouds is legendary.

I disappoint my parents when I tell them I don't recall whether it rained or not. And here I am staring at a gui instead of enjoying the beautiful African skies.

I don't know about you but I figure if a country is at least keeping its park benches in a usable condition, there might be more beauty to look at than the skies.