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'If you can't beat 'em, join em'

The problem with as how a parent might say this to us, upon our discovering that parenthood attracts rights we must otherwise forgo, is that we might find ourselves with the wrong parts. Parents are very accepting of the choice of others, so that those who have gone so far as to state that they don't see what procreation brings to a relationship, are welcomed with open arms--parent and child alike. This, then, shows us two camps.

People who've put up a fence might think they're justified in telling us that we're sitting on one if we don't choose camp a or camp b.

Some men you just can't reach.

I've always tried to encourage people to draw obvious conclusions, but I know how holding what's been said in a full paragraph can make us feel hopeless for the introduction of yet more unknown matter to what circulates within us as being heavier than a house already. As well as its foundations and part of its surroundings.

Sitting for no reason but laziness, laser beams that are silent, laser beams that are noisy, and droplets of water that artificial intelligence can't predict the path of a laser beam through, remind me of the ineffability of getting laid by starting with a jig on the dance floor, of the unfathomable depths of meaning to stories that are more worthy of discussion than history, and of circles of bit sequences that are unfortunately formatted such that the need of a microprocessor is obviated. Respectively. If that means anything.

Oh! The tedium of multiplexing!

The thread doesn't make any sense to me either. Tie it to a paper clip.