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The greatest love of all is like an untuitive user interface: propped up by all the money in the world.

Let's think together on this one. Just for this once: I prefer to do my thinking alone. Some of my best ideas come to me when being alone is a legal requirement.

I would say my best idea did, but there is such a thing as invading someone's thoughts: someone might, though strictly a case of public indecency, urinate on my walls.

Strictly speaking, but impractically so, for reasons obvious to all who must walk.

I see we have a bit of a focus problem. 'It is more fun,' she said, 'to watch special effects that make use of extra-terrestrial inspiration, such as the time of day, than to think of what fuels the development.'

'Thanks for that sentence,' he replied, 'but you'll have to admit it was a collaborative effort.'

'Who gets the last word?' she asked wearily.


It is bothersome to call a quality product a heap of shit. But we've come to realize the Space Shuttle was just being built to inspire young (American) minds.

'The young 'uns are not interested in standing on the moon!'

'But neither were we, really.'

If the greatest love of all is easy to achieve, what inspires us to be men?