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Well, I guess I could start a sentence with a colloquialism if I can justify the use thereof as not being a redundancy. Redundancy is a matter of saying something too many times: for the sake of error checking we very often have to say something more than once.

Cyclic redundancy checks are things which don't interest me much. I just call them and all the things related to them, checksums. There are checksums that amount to giving us the information as to the whether an egg is rotten, which is why people talk about crc's, because they can do more than that, and it's not a good idea to say, error correcting.

But I've now reached a piece of advice by starting with a colloquial, and it seems I've reached an old friend by using new technology.

Tales of deception are things which we don't stop trying to unravel. People born after the first virus have to listen very carefully as we explain the history of the world to them. I wasn't affected by the first virus, so the information is second hand, and it's from the owner of an oscilloscope; and when you ask the owner of an oscilloscope (new or second hand) why intelligent programmers do silly things with computers, they'll simply say, 'you should see what ignorant users do with electronic equipment!'

At which we need to recall that these things are toys; and so is a heavy metal bomb. Only a programmer and his friends would know why the maker of a compiler would find it necessary to make a compiler compiler called Yet another Compiler Compiler, but every text editor needs something of the sort, and the reason they do is basically for the sake of the children. We also need syntax highlighting for the sake of users, but text formats for users are so simple to highlight that we need to use a syntax highlighting text editor that is propping up the American economy.

At least I'm now talking politics in the right place, right?

Viruses are made for the same reason compiler compilers are made. A virus, most of the time, is just an app which installs itself without asking the user. It might tackle apps which have not been protected from modification, which apps might be called careless if one has not seen that for some systems the creating of an installer is as closely guarded a secret as the nuclear codes. Telling people how they might protect apps their buddies have made from such modification might allow us to release an app in all consciousness, but not all viruses are made by compiler compiler writers.

The burden is actually on me to explain why I haven't written a compiler compiler or a virus. But then we come to a virus which involves baneful binaries. I took it as a foregone conclusion that GNU is the only thing that we can call good: we can only call something an algorithm if we can explain it, for example; GNU is largely a matter of reference implementations of algorithms that are in the public domain.

The binaries of woe are what allow the makers of computers to keep their operation a secret. They are the one file on a GNU system that no GNU-Linux programmer knows anything about. When it was discovered that a virus was using these in a way which circumvents all security measures, the discoverers were thereafter highlighted for their nationality.

So we stop here and say, well, was it nonetheless a farce?