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If it's just a general 'more' I might start with 'give us me back' - but then the question is where I'm going to be placed; and that's a matter of finding the moment called adulthood.

And if I solve that once and for all, I'll only have an incomprehensive memory to make myself happy about.

I don't know what won't become the thing to do. I do know the stomach reminds us of our humanity. And I do recall what I insist is a delusion. Experimentors have no means of supporting themselves. Studies for adults are not for children. Version control comes to mind as showing what went on when we were out of it.

Talk of recursion echoes as if from our own lips: that's an important one to 'pin drop' - 'unwrapping' a recursive definition might get us respected by the citizens of countries that are not tin pot--and their universities neither.

'All is Kashmir!'

I'd like to have an 'Indian Adventure' of my own, for the next family gathering, but why not just let the pin drop and ask the first person to pick it up?

Not being too concerned about calling a train an elephant or an elephant a locomotive, the pin, following our will, finds us heading towards the mountains. And then we're no longer in India. Very unpretty is what we're left with when the reason for seeing a thing for yourself is not given consideration to.

And that comes to details that have been left to be worked out in the dark, which no-one is going to go back to explain.

This is not new insight, btw: which I mention in case you pick up other echoes you might think will interest me. Our next task, elsewhere, is allocation and unallocation: but what do we do about what's for children to say wow at?

Empty area calculations might get us going, but so does 'I can't dance,' and, such is how superficial I am, anyway, if it's can't knit or sew neither, that doesn't get me to complain about emptiheadedness.

So it might be we need to start with a drag.

And that will require the wind-tunnel to descend.

Ascending I find I've shared much but said little. I'm still waiting for 'happily ever after,' but that was the idea of doing at least as good a job as the folks. And that's a story that looks for a comparitor. As I'm about to compare one bit of rest with another: here, have your stinking encore!

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