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I am going to have to leave this: and it's not 'for the morning.'

I'm tempted to ask you to refer to 'a web archive' to save me the trouble of rewriting a description, but that phase of this here returns me to some fucked up idea that I aught to be hoping to have someone to tell me what bed-time is.

Getting 'process control' right on the system that rebelled against argv in favour of a blank canvas (except you just have to 'do the obvious' to get past argv[0]) gave me an inordinate amount of pride. The next thing is to prick it.

'You are still in the dark ages.'

The fact is, 'poll' does everything we ever wanted, so all you need to do is create a sufficient number of locks, pipes, and threads, and do the right thing with the second language that the first can't do without.

#define fucked_up_poll MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx

Note the last three letters. I'm afraid my 'cousins' who fled from the system in despair just didn't dig deep enough to bring to light why we all really aught to fucking hate it. But don't stop using it, for God's sake!

The problem is obviously the inordinate amount of pride we get without having anything to show.

Something like eating glass? You tell me!

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