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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

We describe a perfect wind sock. This is in fact simply a hoop. Within the hoop is a wheel: a steering-wheel. We look at the ratio of the diameters.

As one accelerates, the ratio increases. This is the Need for Speed.

At high speed, one may get it into their heads to try to snuff it. These are called speed demons.

There are better ways to get the joie de vive. For instance, remove two of the wheels: the risk to others is lessened.

Instead of having a hoop, then, we have a snake!

Which is a hard task master; for in the head of the snake is a diamond shape: once the snake has been unleashed, one can but choose a direction.

But this has nothing to do with computers or programming, and I am a programmer.

Wind socks have nothing to do with us; the sound of the term can but remind us of Microsoft Winsock: which Microsoft reluctantly added to MS-Windows when they found that they could not beat the Internet.

MS-Winsock sockets, which we also call MS-Win32 sockets, are somewhat queer. Their non-blocking I/O modes do not conform with those of MS-Win32 file handles, and certainly have little resemblance at all to those for BSD-sockets--the API around which MS-Winsock was designed.

We merely need to identify this. They, the sockets, switch between a mode in which we may request an recv, and a mode in which we must wait for that request to have been completed: for our buffer to have been filled. Likewise we may request an send, and according to the result of that, may be required to watch for the result of the request. Together with the socket we must create Win32-Event objects; which have to be associated with the former: we therefore have an Event-Socket relation.

There are those of us who talk of the inefficiency of Microsoft Windows, in comparison to alternatives:

It must be understood that non-blocking I/O is something we have yet to perfect.

It must be understood that Microsoft is now putting Linux into its kernel.

• It no longer seems ridiculous to think that Microsoft will finally give us a perfect OS.

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