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If you want to know what your wits are you'll have to get very very drunk.

Leaving the country by oneself is not an easy thing to do, but it's high time I stop being so boorish: the only reason I don't want to spend money on having a good time, by going to places where good times are to be had, is that I don't want to come back.

One should not live for your parents, they say, but they're the only ones I can discuss these things with: we end up in a dependency problem.

It's wishful thinking, once decided, to imagine getting the help of friends, to help sort out a house that's looking a bit like a dump. Not that it can't be afforded, those who know about the power of word of mouth, and of parting agreements that leave everyone happy, know that a home in pristine condition takes the word bargain off the table.

Word of mouth is one thing; putting things in writing, another.

For the sake of a half-wit who was not in denial, my literal instincts lead me to write the word bargain, and then take it off the table.

But now who's going to pick it up?

We would like to refer to snails, but we're worried that they'll hear us. In its present condition this house is not for the feint-hearted, and those who choose to make such a comment will be shown a door and what I do to them when I get angry.

One at a time, please. I've had fire-arms pointed at me, shortly after I moved in here. Though I no longer feel personally safe in this country, that has nothing to do with what is called personal safety.

Glacially is the word.

People often ask what the difference between intelligence and wits are. But every drunken fool knows what he lost.

And people like them.