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The text books had it that one philosopher was given a grand funeral by his countrymen while another died in obscurity. Trying to find sense that doesn't involving calling all religion bad, and then trying to get mothers to follow us--start with the grannies and work your way down--we come to excessive fervour about those who were that fervent that they submitted to a suffering death rather than say that which was against their convictions.

When we use the term, reformation, just about every time (ding ding-ding-ding) we find ourselves given a barrage of names.

But the other side has a pretty name which leads us to persecuting ourselves over the exaggeration made about revolutions.

The peasants were methodical: that is all.

They knew that the Court had the necessary condition for its members that they were in line for the throne. Sufficient conditions are more difficult to give an example for: let's say that we are in motion, which is a necessary condition for getting from one place to another. But a sufficient condition for getting from one particular place to another particular place involves a description of two particular places.

So unless you're looking at symbols, those terms are pretty meaningless.

I've had a sufficiency for lunch. It was necessary for me to do something more than pick up a piece of food in order to be able to say that. This is now sufficient for giving to you; and it is a sufficient condition, for me, that once having found a grammatically sufficient way of including the word coffee in a sentence, it's a good time to make some.

And you can call me a squirrel, but is that really necessary?

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