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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

When did witches ever exist?

Let us get ourselves a cauldron, throw in all the facts that we have, boil them up into a history stew, and see what rises to the surface.

First we throw in how at least one of us first attempted to comprehend the word: they cast spells.

Having only just learnt to spell, this could not have meant, writing.

What does a spell do?

This was when we were taught about evil, and all the things that go with it.

Yet, for some of us, it seemed that we were just getting into word games.

When we think of witches--those of us not finding a bottom--we think of the middle ages: the middles ages being the years just before everyone received enlightenment.

To those of us rotten to the core in our skepticism, it just seems we're adding to the words games.

At some point we will ask that we look at basic facts. We hear about the burning of the witches, but they don't tell us when this happened.

We do know exactly when the burning of the protestant martyrs happened.

The burning of silly men, who just would not conform to accepted religion.

Why only men? For the church--the accepted religion--was Christian, yet. It would not do away with people for refusing to conform. But those within the church preaching that which was considered heresy, were undermining its foundations.

The curious may then start to think about the glorious separation of church and state; however, we are still wondering what a witch is.

Living in times when church-states are the exceptions, we are familiar with words which have little meaning except as we use them to throw against our enemies.

Which word shall we use against our enemies, today?

Is it a stretch of the imagination to think that 'witches' originally applied to men?

A witch-doctor, now: that is something entirely different. Let's not make ourselves cannibals?

We are throwing these facts into a cauldron, bear in mind!

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